Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Enter Cheat Codes

genratorThere is a glitch to receive unlimited house points in Hogwarts Mystery, and this video shows you exactly how to do it! 1) Complete a full lesson (it has to be a lesson that you get house points for) 2) Do NOT exit the room afterwards 3) Completely close out of the app 4) Restart/open the app 5) Repeat (it should have brought you back to the end of the lesson) I am a loser and used my real name in the app, so yes, I blacked out my name. You can follow me on tumblr @doctorholmesassistant if you have any questions comment below or pm me on tumblr. I hope this helps! They may fix it in the next update, but you never know. I do not own Hogwarts Mystery, it belongs to JK Rowling, Warner Bros, Portkey Games, Jam City, etc. I’m making no money on this.genrator

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